The Farm

About us

The Quinta Seis Marias is a family farm, located in Sargaçal, a rural village at 4km from Lagos city and the beaches of the Algarve’s coast.

In the small village of Sargaçal, we can see simultaneously disused old farmhouses that once supplied the city of Lagos with fresh vegetables and the farms shining back their former splendor.


With more than a thousand years of rural history, the Quinta Seis Marias was bought in the mid’80s by the father of the current owners.

The mother and the five daughters, all with the same name Maria, gave the name to the farm. Here, lots of efforts are made continuously, to give back the prosperity and the beauty of the rural landscapes to the 6 hectares of the farm.

Our philosophy and values

The farm, that has always been seen, by the owner’s father, as an interlinked whole system, adopted therefore the organic farming method, as it is a method of high quality food production, free of any chemical residues and without sacrifices for the environment, the farm would cover this definition.

As a result, the farm has promoted the biodiversity and the sustainability.

To build closer ties and trust towards our customers, we created a sales point inside of the farm, where customers and visitors can not only buy vegetables and fruits, but are also invited to explore the organic farming "world".

Another "dream" achieved was the agrotourism where all conditions were met for the guests to enjoy a quality housing in a countryside and to accept the invitation to participate in various farm activities.

Our team

In a family environment you can count on our total willingness and team work, with professionals in different areas who look to the guests and clients well-being, we mean to turn the farm into a place where it is good to be in and… to come back.